Paint Tip #12

Kim has a hot tip to remove masking tape from your walls without damaging your freshly painted walls.

Paint Tip #11

Stuck on you. Watch this handy tip that will help stop your masking tape sticking to the roll.

Paint Tip #10

Once you pop you can't stop! Pringles aren't just a yummy snack they're also great for storing paint rollers.

Paint Tip #9

Love up-cycling furniture? Kim has a handy tip for keeping paint off unwanted surfaces.

Paint Tip #8

Stop those messy paint drips with some simple office supplies.

Paint Tip #7

Don't flip your lid! Kim and Chris tell you how to get out of a sticky situation.

Paint Tip #6

Don't get bristly over dry paint on your paint brush. Check out this handy tip from Kim and Chris.

Paint Tip #5

Don't like the smell of paint? This delicious tip could have your paint smelling like freshly baked cookies.

Paint Tip #4

Use your noodle (your pool noodle that is) and keep your paint brushes out of the paint tray.

Paint Tip #3

Need to put the paint brush down for the day but don't want the bristles to dry? Kim and Chris have some great tips for you.

Paint Tip #2

Think fabric softener is just for making your clothes soft & smelling pretty? Think again!

Paint Tip #1

Got a problem with the fuzz on your roller? Kim and Chris share their tip for keeping the fuzz from your roller off the wall.

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