Colour Wall

You can use the Colour Wall to create your own palette. First, select one of the three colours you'd like to change. Then, select a colour family, and choose a colour you like.

Selecting a new colour will update the image, and also generate new palettes that feature that colour. You can click one of the palettes to apply it, or select one of the other colours and pick your next one manually.

Once you're happy with your selections, hit Save Selections, and you'll be be able to email yourself  a record of your colours to bring into your local Paint Place.

Happy colour hunting!

Note: Colours are computer generated and we cannot confirm accuracy. Please call in for a sample pot prior to painting.

  • Wall
    Winter Mushroom

    Code: E13W

    Interior, Exterior

  • Feature Wall

    Code: D73W

    Interior, Exterior

  • Trim
    Classic White

    Code: E1W

    Interior, Exterior

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